Ruqing Xu

许 茹清


I am a third-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Economics at Cornell University. My CV is available here. You can reach me at

My research is at the intersection of Economics and Computer Science. In particular, I study the role of information in decision-making, and how to design systems that incorporate both human and algorithmic assessments. I am a member of Cornell’s initiative on Artificial Intelligence, Policy, and Practice (AIPP).

Prior to Cornell, I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Hong Kong with First Class Honours in Comparative Literature and Economics. I also spent a wonderful year at Yale University via the Y-VISP program.

My real world interests include horseback riding and astrophotography. View some of my works here.

How to pronounce my name? Roo-ching Shee.


Apr 21, 2024 Paper accepted at the Econometric Society Interdisciplinary Frontiers conference!
Jan 18, 2024 I will be interning at Microsoft Research New England in the EC group this summer!
Aug 20, 2022 Selected to participate in the Machine Learning in Economics Summer Institute at UChicago.